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Makeitalia, a competition between universities for the engineers of the future

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Gazzetta di Modena

“Makeitalia, a competition between universities for the engineers of the future”

They called it “Supply Chain Challenge” and it is an event that comes from an idea of ​​Makeitalia, a company from Castelfranco that deals with the management of the supply chain of products, what experts define as “supply chain management”.

«A real Supply Chain Championship among the students of the engineering degree courses – says Makeitalia – which will be held during the entire current academic year and which will involve the major Italian universities, in particular the master’s degree management engineering courses.

The management and optimization of supply chains are increasingly becoming crucial concepts in a company’s processes, as they determine its success. This is why Makeitalia wants to bring out the best talents, those who one day will deal with the supply chain.

The company believes in collaboration between the business world and the university, with important mutual advantages: generating professional opportunities and offering a path of growth for young talents “.

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