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Calendar of training sessions scheduled to take place at the Makeitalia training centre

In-company training

Aimed at companies that require targeted, dedicated training for a group of employees

On-to-one training

Personalised training to focus in depth on several specific issues


A combination of consulting and training: application on the ground of the methods studied during the course

Makeitalia Supply Chain Academy was launched on the back of experience gained in projects carried out with our client companies.

Competency, realisation, quality and training proposals with a highly practical content.

Moreover, our courses can be financed through Inter-professional Funds.


Quality Training

Component quality, process quality, end product quality and management of supply chain-related risk

Cost Training

Aspects relating to purchasing process: purchasing strategy, cost analysis and negotiation

Delivery Training

Correct management of planning, logistics optimisation (both internal and external) and optimisation of transportation

Soft Skills Training

Discover the updated calendar of courses that we offer at our Makeitalia training centre


Start: 07/10/2022

The course aims to illustrate the main techniques to define a supplier’s audit process through the understanding of all the different phases by which it is organized. Moreover, the course underlines all the advantages that this activity provides.

Start: 07/10/2022

The course aims to provide the tools necessary for understanding the financial aspects of an organization’s performance. The aim will be to facilitate competitive analysis, help in the choice between alternatives and support the strategic dicision-making process.

Start: 14/10/2022

The aim of the course is to provide criteria and tools to be followed in structuring and carrying out supplier reminder activities

Start: 18/10/2022

The aim of the course is to provide a constant redefinition of standards to dynamically respond to customer needs and ensure quality improvement.

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