Supply Chain Academy

Start : 01/07/2021 - 02/07/2021 - Online


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Start: 01/07/2021 - 02/07/2021 - Online

Online Course

This course can be financed through Inter-professional Funds!

This course can be also provide at the customer’s company headquarters 

Duration: 2 days




Supply chain manager, Purchasing Manager, buyers and personnel assigned to cost analysis projects.


The course aims to show an analytical methodology that allows to understand in detail the cost structure of a particular component or product. This analysis will allow us to identify the correct market price. The tools are also provided to identify the correct market price. The tools are also provided to identify the indirect costs that characterize the supplier’s corporate structure and to allocate them to a specific component or product.


  • Breakdown analysis introduction
    • Advantages and strengths of the methodology
    • Scalability and uniform structuring of the analyzes
  • The choice of components to be analyzed
    • Definition of clustering criteria
    • Code classification
    • Choice of the class to focus on
  • Analysis of the cost structure
    • Analysis of the price of the component and assignment of a mark-up
    • Breakdown of the cost of the component in direct costs (material and production process) and indirect/ general structure
    • Calculation methodology description for each cost item
  • Definition of general costs
    • Cost analysis not directly attributable to products
    • Evaluation of different methods for estimating general costs
    • Possible data sources for general costs
  • Allocation of general costs to the single product
    • Definition of the possible allocation drivers: pros and cons evaluation
    • Description of the calculation methodologies with which to allocate the general costs to the single product
  • Practical exercises drawn from real case and discussion



Makeitalia Partner

Makeitalia Senior Consultant


The courses of Makeitalia Supply Chain Academy are characterized by a strong practical connotation. During the course are offered exercises, concrete examples of projects carried out with client companies and practical simulations.

Supply Chain Academy is the result of the experience of Makeitalia, a company that, for over 10 years, has its core business in Supply Chain Management.


2 days – 9.00/18.00


Online – Microsoft Teams


“Early Bird” registrations: 5% discount, for registrations by 17/06/2021.

“More participants” discount: 10% discount, in the case of two or more participants.


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