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Makeitalia is a young, dynamic company that is results-oriented and committed to the pursuit of excellence. We are always on the lookout for people who share our values: individuals who are open, flexible, highly motivated to grow professionally and play a pro-active role working as part of a team and sharing skills acquired for the benefit of the entire organisation.



We operate with honesty and humility, taking an ethical approach that respects others, be they clients, colleagues or suppliers. We see our commitments through to the end and are never afraid to accept our responsibilities.

Importance of people

We put people first. We want to create a work environment that encourages change, growth and a willingness to embrace challenge; an environment that recognises the importance of teamwork and mutual respect.

Pursuit of excellence

We pose ourselves challenging but achievable objectives and strive with great determination to fulfil them. We continually search for the best way to improve our services and our way of working, pursuing excellence.

Would you like to be part of the Makeitalia Team?

If you share our values and think that the Supply Chain is relevant to your professional journey, send us your application.


Supply Chain Consultant

We are looking for a Supply Chain Consultant to help coordinate and optimise processes in the Supply Chain area.

Junior Buyer

We are looking for a Junior Buyer who, supported by Senior Buyers, will manage and plan purchases.

Supplier Quality Engineer

We are looking for a Supplier Quality Engineer to manage suppliers and contribute to the continuous improvement of procurement processes.


We are looking for a Planner, who will be responsible for order management activities and relations with different parts of the company.


We are looking for an Expediter: a connection between the company and the supplier, who will control and optimise the supply process, and manage any problems relating to orders.

Technical Buyer

We are looking for a Technical Buyer, who will be in charge of purchasing management and planning.

Temporary Manager

To expand our network of VAT-registered professionals, we are interested in getting in touch with managers characterised by high competence and operational flexibility, in order to involve them in Temporary Management projects.


If you want “hands-on” experience and the chance to put what you have studied into practice, Makeitalia offers the possibility of degree dissertations and internships with the company: you will conduct innovative research and develop methods for ongoing improvements in the Supply Chain sector, seeing the tangible results of your own work.


If there are currently no openings compatible with your professional profile, but you share our values and believe that the Supply Chain is relevant to your professional journey, please send us your application.

We will be pleased to have a chat with you.

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